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The Skeleton Detective
17th-Aug-2009 10:06 pm
Hi! I absolutely adore these books. I am not even kidding, I love them so much I can't actually have a sensible conversation about them, I just end up squeeeing incoherently for about half a hour :D I managed to get my sister, brother and mum to read the books, I am still working on my dad. The reason I love these books so much is because they are so hilarious, I had to stop reading them on the train 'cos I kept getting weird looks from fellow passengers :D What about you guys, why do you like the books?
18th-Aug-2009 10:22 am (UTC)
I definitely like them because of the humour. I remember at the beginning of the second book there's this conversation where Valkyrie gives out to Skulduggery about him letting her get thrown off a building and I think this is one of the funniest exchanges in any book I've ever read.
Let's see, I also love the characters: from the deathly, beautiful China to the pathetic, yet oddly adorable Scapegrace, and lets not forget everyone's favourite scarred tailor come boxer.
I also liked the darker edge the third book had and the promise for more in the upcoming books.
As a side note, I also think that Landy's dedications at the beginning of the books are pure gold.
Now, sadly I have no Skulduggery icon, so I have to make do with another living skeleton.
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